Sport is For Everyone

Ensuring an inviting space for all individuals to compete through athletic endevours. This was a paper that I wrote for one of my Exercise Psychology classes. With the recent wave of anti-trans legislation, I thought it might be useful for people to have some scientifically backed reasons as to why it is important to includeContinue reading “Sport is For Everyone”

A Summer of Climbing, Crying, and Crashing:

Finding Happiness at the Best Shape of my Life Intro/Recap of Events: The past 6 months have been a complete whirlwind. March 6th I said goodbye to my roommate Ethan after we had dinner at Central, and I drove to Bristol where I expected to spend a week in the mountains recovering from the semesterContinue reading “A Summer of Climbing, Crying, and Crashing:”

2020 Bromley SKIMO Race Report

Link to the  Strava Activity: Training/Pre-race: The previous 8 weeks of training have been some of the toughest I’ve done. I totaled 126.1 hours and 134,868 feet of climb in the lead up to the Bromley race. Training consisted of brain-numbing treadmill power hikes/runs between 10%-15% during the weekdays, run commuting to work, bikeContinue reading “2020 Bromley SKIMO Race Report”

2020 Middlebury Snowbowl Skimo Race Report

Here is the Strava link if you’re interested in the data Pre Race: Since moving to Vermont in Fall 2019 my eyes have been set on Winter. While late summer was fun and I certainly enjoyed the fall foliage, it was the freezing cold and snow that lingered tantalizingly close in the back ofContinue reading “2020 Middlebury Snowbowl Skimo Race Report”

2018 JFK 50 Mile Race Report

After having a few weeks to fully reflect upon finishing my first 50 mile I figured it was time to write about my experience. Here is a link to the Strava activity Pre-Race- This summer I decided to fully commit to ultra running, after a 12 year career in swimming with top 7 performances atContinue reading “2018 JFK 50 Mile Race Report”