2019 Night Train 50K Race Report

This is a transcription of a pre and post race interview between my mother (M), and me (W).

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Pre Race: 

M: “W we’re just about to start your third Ultra-Marathon, the Night Train 50k, what made you come back this year?”

W: “I had a good race [last year] but it was my first [ultra-marathon] one, and I wasn’t really ready for it last year. I wanted to come back. I didn’t get into the Vermont 100k this summer so I wanted to come back and race another 50k and prove that I could go again in the heat and try to run well. I’ve been training in heat and doing long road runs weekly. I’ve put in just under 2,000 miles since the race last year and I wanted to come out and prove myself on a flat fast course and see what I could do over the 50k distance”

M: “What’s your race plan tonite?”

W: “The goal is to go out conservative for the first couple miles, around 8:40 per mile, and then cut it down and get moving. I want to try and lock into something that is comfortable, but that is up and try and stick right there for the rest of the race. Id like to make it to the last aid station at mile 26 and be able to kick it in for a solid day.”

M: “How are you feeling?”

W: “I’m feeling good! I put in a lot of miles, not as many miles as I would have liked, but I find myself saying that at the end of every training block so maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m excited for the day and go cats!”

Post Race:

M: “Alright W you finished, 4:53:20. How are you doing?”

W: “I’m hurting, it hurt really bad. My knees hurt, it all hurts. I put my head down so hard for the last 5.5 miles. I was in this grinding 8:25 per mile gear and there was no slipping in or out of it. I even told myself that from mile 29 to mile 30 I can give myself a 9:15 mile so that I can push the end. But my pace didn’t budge and I kept going. I’m really happy. It wasn’t quit the day that I planned for the beginning, and it wasn’t even quite the day that I thought could happen with the [good] weather. But the fact that I was almost considering dropping at mile 15, because I was running 10 minute pace and struggling. I had a side stitch 4 miles in, and I was worried that I was going to have to stop. My legs felt great and everything was going so good but I had a side stitch four miles in. I was slamming [my fingers] into my abs to try and massage it out. The fact that I went through all of those lows and pull off a 1h20 PR [in the 50k distance] makes me so happy”

M: “How was it compared to last year?”

W: “It was way better I think. The first 14 [miles] went so quick. I was with two other runners for the first 14 [miles] and it was so quick. We were up and out of Rice [mile 8.3 aid station] like it was nothing. And then we were crossing the bridge [mile 12] and coming back. Things definitely slowed down a bit from FarmVille out to Tuggle [mile 17-22]. That was really slow, I think 1h7 for 5.5 miles. It was bad. And then, things felt way better on the two mile out and back turnaround point [mile 22-26] compared to  last year. Last year it took me a 1h00 to that and this year I knocked it out in 38 minutes. And then I kicked it in to mile 26 to finish out the marathon split in under 4 hours. I ran it all the way in from there to the end. I’m really happy to walk away running from the start-line to the finish for 32 miles. No walking,  maybe some bad effort, but mostly good effort all day.”

M: “Good Job!”

W: “Thanks!!”

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