2018 Night Train 50k Race Report

Strava Activity Link: https://www.strava.com/activities/1672993698

Night Train 50k Interview between me (W) and my Mum (M)

Pre Race 6 PM (25 min before start time):

M: Hey W you’re going to set off on an Ultra Marathon and run 50k how are you feeling?

W: Uhh, Uhh, I’m a little nervous. It’s a lot of distance and we’ve only got 20 minutes until we start. I feel like I put in a decent amount of training and I swam a lot this year. I had a good day this morning at the [Crosspointe Cruisers] swim meet so I think I have a good shot at at least finishing if not in a decent time.

M: What are your goals?

W: Finish under 6 hours. Not [get] any continuous injuries and have fun. I don’t have to be here, so I figure just come out here and have fun

M: So why are you doing this?

W: Just kind of to do something that is hard. This is probably a lot harder than anything I’ve ever done. I’m [still] probably a little naive about how easy this will be. So kinda do something that no body really thinks and I don’t know if I can do [that I can finish] and just go out there and do it.

Mid Race 8:20 PM (Halfway point, mile 16.4): 

M: Halfway W how are you doing?

W: I’m hurting. Behind my knees and [also] my calves are starting to hurt

M: Who are you running with?

W: I’m Running with Matt. He’s 37, army, great guy

M: What’s your goal still?

W: Sub 6 hours still

M: You’re halfway, it’s 8 PM

W: Yep, its 8 PM I still have 3 hours to do it, we’re gonna push really hard

M: Okay, good luck!

Finish 11:40 PM (mile 32.1):

M: Alright, 6 hours and 12 minutes later how do you feel?

W: Um, really happy that I finished. I didn’t know I was gonna do it the last like 5 or 6 miles but, I’m so happy and the fact that I’m done. I just, it kind of astounds me, you know. It was really really hard and it hurt really really bad but you know, I did it! And now its time to eat some donuts and some pizza and kinda celebrate the evening. 

M: Would you do it again?

W: Yeah!!! Umm, I think with, you know I definitely think I went in naive and not enough training. So, I think you know if I did, like did a lot more training  and for a lot more time, you know this would be not [so difficult] and more fun to do. Not for a while, but I definitely want to do it again at some point. It’s a pretty incredibly feeling to finish.

M: What was the hardest part?

W: The hardest part um, going to the last turn around at tuggle [Mile 24] uh we, they told us it was about a mile and a half, but it ended up being being closer to like 2.2 [miles]. And it was just the longest couple miles of my life going up that last climb, cause you know after the turnaround it’s all downhill back to the finish. And so those last couple miles after coming in to Tuggle [the mile 22 and 26.5 aid station] going into the turn around at the end were just the, just some of the [most] brutal times I’ve ever had. It was so hard to get moving, we kept thinking we were done, or we were there, and people coming back kept saying “oh its another mile and a half, oh it just another mile, oh its just right there”. And it just took so long to get there. So that was definitely the hardest part.

M: So what was the best part?

W: The best part was probably just meeting Matt. Those first few miles were pretty fun and we kinda fell in together and stuck together for probably about 20 miles. So having him to share the trail and share the pain with was fun. There was a group of three that we kept leapfrogging each other, going back and forth on who was ahead. That was pretty funny, because we didn’t know their names so we just called them the leap frog boys, cause they would uh, as we were walking they would come and run, and then when they were walking we would run past them and we did that for like 15 miles. Until the end when they [the leap frog boys] came up behind me and we ran it all the way in together and then I ran it in [hard] at the end

M: Congratulations

W: Thank you

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